Dreem Records

Dreem Records, is an Independent Record Label founded by Harold Peterson, and Ted Sass, both of Norfolk NE
Dreem Records was started in 1959, recorded record releases at The Paseo Theater Stage in Kansas City MO, pressed releases at Kaybank, Minneapolis MN
Dreem Records releases, received widespread air play in the Central US, and consequently during a promotion trip to New York City NY in 1960, Dreem Records leased to record releases to 20 Fox ( Hot Rod by Lou Berry ... flip side ... What A Dolly by " Red " Berry; and Fury / Fling Records - Bobby Robinson / Harlem, New York City, NY
As Harold and Ted pursued their individual careers from 1962 to 1998 (Harold Peterson - died April 26, 2008) when Ted Sass Retired from active lifelong sales career to work from his home office, and began to promote Dreem Records again, registering Dreem Rcords dot com.
Sass has created Dreem Records In Perpetuity Recording License TM for Singers, Musicians, Song and Music Writers, under the Brand, Dreem Easy TM
*Lou Berry & " Red " Berry & The BelRaves
*Don Sohl & The Road Runners
*Ron Thomson & The Broghms
*Dennis Volk.
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