Dissolve the box

'Dissolve The Box' is a very basic management idea conceptualized by author Santosh Sharma testing the prevailing concept of Thinking outside the box. 'Dissolve the box' idea is derived from the designing intelligence of 15000 years and much more, influencing everything - individuals, civilizations, countries and organizations across the globe, guiding the present and shaping the future. We miss this intelligence as we think 'from the box' or simply 'think outside of it'.
The Idea
According to Sharma there is a huge difference between ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘dissolving the box’ altogether. An analogy of the difference: If you ask a thief to think outside the box what will he do? Probably he will steal better as he continues to start thinking from the platform of a thief (his created mental image) only. The reference point is still the box which he picked up i.e of being a thief. However, when he dissolves his box he realizes that he is not just a thief but it is a box which he just got hooked to and which is now influencing his decisions. At the same time he gets the designing intelligence to reposition himself. This is not just an incremental but a radical shift.
Just like the thief, individuals and organizations are also responding (thinking and acting) from their mental images and when they think outside their boxes they continue to build only on the deeper mental traps picked up earlier. This is limiting, polluting and infecting growth making it less intelligent, not inclusive and incongruent to the Universal design.
Vicious traps and its Impact
Vicious traps like ego, fear, limited understanding of oneself etc. pour into all our decisions and actions forcing us to be followers. We therefore fail to lead, create, innovate, cope or manage things intelligently.
The Way Forward
According to Sharma “Dissolve the box is a way of life for individuals and organizations very relevant, intelligent and compatible. It helps us to reclaim ourselves to lead the hot, crowded and dynamic flat world. It is much more than an just an idea or a strategy”. He has discussed the what, why and how of dissolving the box in his book Next What’s In with real life examples and case studies.
Designing the Future
Dissolve the box helps to move on from
1.Thought to Intent leadership.

2.From physical to mental flatteners flattening the world.

Practical Impact
1.It frees us from our tricky love of vicious traps.

2.Break all myths holding us back.

3.Design thoughts and solutions in personal and professional lives.

4.Become a real and a natural leader.

5.De-pollute decisions to Reposition.

6.Make the organization more fluid and fertile.

7.Creates a flatter organization and a flatter world as the hierarchies and the bottlenecks dissolve naturally.

8.Increases the number of variables participating in our decision.

9.Creates natural cooperation and cross functional coordination within the organization and also with other organizations.

10.Creates a better life and a better world which is inclusive, sustainable and intelligent.
Some people and organizations have found "dissolving the box" concept difficult to practice and they are happy to respond the way they are doing as of now. Some even feel that it is more applicable only for the experienced individuals.However, these concerns are genuine for beginners as the boxes that have trapped us all this while have become very strong to the extent that we have been reduced to new age slaves simply following them.

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