Deaths by Russian roulette

This page features incidents of deadly Russian roulette interactions in the 21th century.
Jefry Alexander Caicedo Toledo
Jefry Alexander Caicedo Toledo was a Colombian gambler from Santa Ena, Colombia whom, together with two friends, took part in a game of Russian Roulette on 13 March 2017 resulting in his death.
Brandon Wheeler Reese
Brandon Wheeler Reese (born 1994) was an English trucker who took turns in a lethal game of Russian roulette in January, 2016.
Dion Von Mays
Dion Von Mays (born 1977) was an American man from San Bernardino, California who collaborated a game of Russian roulette with deadly outcome.<ref name="Huffington Post"/> Von Mays was shot dead and the remaining three persons involved in the game was left uninjured.<ref name="Huffington Post"/>
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