Dead Cool Records

Dead Cool Records is a punk rock and garage rock vinyl record label based in Fredrikstad, Norway. It was founded in 1996 by Esben Roos Svendsen and Glenn Henriksen. All releases are pressed at the Gramofonove Zavody factory in the Czech republic. Certain releases are sold out and are known to go for as much as 600,- NOK (Norwegian kroners).
The Hidden Sect "Mythical Moments" EP 2005 7" black DC-008
The Squareheads "Spread Your Legs" EP 2000 7" black / orange DC-007
Ricochets "Devil Inside / Don't Bring Me Down" 1999 7" black / red DC-006
Machinegun Surfers "Machinegun Surfers" EP 1998 7" black / magenta DC-005
v/a "Wierd Sounds From A Small Place" EP 1997 7" black / yellow DC-004
v/a "Live At St. Croix" LP 1997 12" white DC-003
Flamingo "Jerk / Little Doll" 1996 7" pink DC-002
The Retards "I Wanna Be Like Ron Jeremy" EP 1996 7" black / green DC-001
Production has taken place at various studios including Fluid Studios, RMR Studios, Strype Audio and Focus Studios.
Associated labels
Associated labels include Super Harry, Selfish Records and Break-A-Leg Recordings.
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