David Jay Brown

David Jay Brown (born 1961) is an American writer and scientific researcher. Brown wrote four interview collections with controversial scientists and artists, two science fiction novels, and a health science book. Brown's scientific research has been in the areas of behavioral neuroscience, psychic phenomena, unusual animal behavior prior to earthquakes, and medical marijuana
From 1996-1999 Brown researched the unexplained powers of animals with British biologist Rupert Sheldrake. Three scientific papers based on this work were summarized in Dr. Sheldrake's books Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home and The Sense of Being Stared At.
Brown has also written for magazines and scientific journals, including Scientific American Mind,Nature Medicine, Wired, Tricycle, The Sun, Mondo 2000, High Times, Fate, Neuroscience Abstracts, the Journal of Parapsychology, Hustler,. He wrote two health science books.
Brown has appeared on the PBS show "Nature", the HBO show "Real Sex", the BBC and the Discovery Channel's "Animal X", the Fox show "A Current Affair", and ViaCom's The Montel Williams Show.
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