Darla Jaye

Darla Jaye is a talk show host at radio station KMBZ in Kansas City, Missouri. Until July 1, 2005, Darla Jaye hosted the afternoon show at WVNN (770 AM) in Huntsville, Alabama.
Darla is a trained opera singer and prior to her entry in radio, she wanted to be an actor. According to an old WGRD aircheck, she held a variety of part-time jobs while performing in theatre to break into acting. Those jobs include working for Burger King, Target, AAA auto insurance (in sales), managing a jewelry store, bartender, waitress, receptionist at a hair salon, retail store, office manager at her brother's dental practice, employment counselor at an employment agency, paid actor in comedy theatre, and performed singing telegrams.
She began her career at KMGK in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1986 and went to WKJM (now WBPE) in Lafayette, Indiana a year later. In 1989 she moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan to become part of the successful "Q Morning Zoo" at WKLQ, alongside Rick Beckett and Scott Winters. On September 12, 1995, the entire on-air staff of the "Q Zoo" left WKLQ and moved to rival radio station WGRD. They began at WGRD on September 25, 1995 and Darla stayed at the station for two years before moving to Cleveland, Ohio to work at WMMS where she was paired up with former WKLQ alumnus Danny Douglas. She stayed at WMMS until August 1998 and moved to KIOI in San Francisco, California in 1999. From 2000 to 2002, she was employed at Alice 106.7 FM, WLLC-FM (formerly WWWW-FM, now WDTW-FM) in Detroit, Michigan.
Darla was named one of the top 250 talk radio hosts in the country by Talkers Magazine for the fourth consecutive year in 2010.

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