Darklighters are fictional characters in the WB television series Charmed. Darklighters are the evil demonic counterparts to Whitelighters, fictional guardian angels in the series. They are sometimes referred to as Blacklighters.
Darklighters can teleport from place to place by orbing, as Whitelighters can, but their orb effects are black in color. They also come equipped with crossbows, which they can summon into their hands at any time. The Darklighter crossbow arrows are coated with a special type of poison that is especially lethal to Whitelighters.
* A fourth type of Darklighter is called a Tracker. A Tracker is a Darklighter who goes after Whitelighters who are about to lose their wings. Their orbing is more of a spiral than the particle of other Darklighters, and they are considered to be much more powerful than a regular Darklighter. They are rogue Darklighters who often only answer to themselves. They distinguish themselves from other types of Darklighters by wearing tribal tattoos on their face. Only one Tracker Darklighter, Ronan, has been shown, who the then god-like Cole imbued with additional powers in order to destroy the Charmed One Paige.
* Damien - Damien was a Darklighter who was sent by Gideon to kill Leo Wyatt. He was vanquished by his leader with a poison arrow in order to stop him from revealing that Gideon sent him.
* Ronan - A Tracker Darklighter blessed by Cole with additional powers.<ref name="Sam I am"/> He was used by Cole in an attempt to get the Charmed Ones to vanquish him then vanquished by Cole with an energy ball.
* In the finale of Season 6, it is revealed that there is an evil parallel world that exists in tandem with our world. In this world, Leo Wyatt has an evil counterpart who is a Darklighter rather than a Whitelighter. Paige Matthews, Chris Halliwell and Wyatt Halliwell also have evil counterparts in the same alternate universe who are half-Darklighters as opposed to half-Whitelighters.<ref name="Bad World"/>
* Salek - Upper level member shown to have trained new Darklighters.<ref name="Jung"/> He was blown up by Piper after mortally wounding Paige and killing her charge. Paige's charge became a Whitelighter anyway and saved Paige with her new healing power.
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