Danny Vinik

Danny Vinik is a Boston Red Sox fan who caught a foul ball off the bat of Manny Ramirez in Game 2 of the 2007 American League Divisional Series, preventing Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim catcher Jeff Mathis from recording an out. Boston went on to tie the game and eventually win. Immediately dubbed the "Anti-Bartman," Vinik's contribution to the Red Sox victory echoes Jeffrey Maier's catch of a Derek Jeter fly ball in the 1996 American League Championship series. The only difference is that Vinik's catch was legal as he did not reach onto the field of play.

Danny Vinik joined the ranks of notorious baseball fans, including Jeffrey Maier and Steve Bartman, whose actions have influenced the outcomes of important games at crucial moments. A common thread in all 3 of these moments is current Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell. After Ramirez walked following Vinik's 'non-interference,' Lowell drove in the game tying run with a sacrifice fly. In 2003, Lowell was a member of the Florida Marlins, who were the beneficiaries of the Bartman incident. And in 1996, Lowell was in the minor leagues in the New York Yankees system when Maier caught the Jeter fly ball the umpire Rich Garcia failed to rule an out for fan interference, allowing the Yanks to tie the game against the Baltimore Orioles and eventually win it in extra innings.


    * Danny was given a high-five, for a job well done, from horror writer Stephen King.

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