Dagus and Rockwood Railroad

The Dagus and Rockwood Railroad is an HO scale model railroad. It is highly detailed and realistic modeling by Cletus Waldman in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The timeline of this fictitious place is roughly in the 30’s and 40’s. There may be slight artistic freedom employed with that era. You can find many images of the Dagus and Rockwood Railroad on the layouts homepage.

A great deal of inspiration for this model railroad was based on publications featuring legendary modelers John Allen and Michael Tylick.

There are many vignettes that tell a story of a simpler time in life, and help transport people back in time to a way of life that is not as hectic and busy as today's life. It is a great escape of sorts.

There is also much information on detailing and pictures to help convey the quality of work in this HO Scale model railroad. The Dagus and Rockwood is also featured on Scale Model Railroad Layouts featuring some of the best model layouts. RailServe.com also has it listed on their site. For more discussion about the layout, visit RailRoad Line Forums where a great discussion and opinions from top modelers is provided about the layout.
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