Commitment to Equity Institute

The Commitment to Equity (CEQ) Institute at Tulane University in partnership with The Center for Global Development works to reduce inequality and poverty through comprehensive and rigorous tax and benefit incidence analysis, and active engagement with the policy community. Building on the seven years of achievements of the CEQ project, the Institute was founded in May 2015 with Dr. Nora Lustig as its Director. Currently the Institute has published over 60 Working Papers.
The Institute has four main areas of work: methods and policy tools, a data center on fiscal redistribution, advisory and training services, and bridges to policy. 
Tax and benefit incidence studies using the CEQ methodology (CEQ Handbook) have been completed in a wide array of low and middle income countries in all regions of the world. Results are published in the CEQ Data Center and Publications.  
The Institute’s studies have been published in leading peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Development Economics, Public Finance Review, the Review of Income and Wealth, and World Development. 
In October 2015, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded $4.9 million to support the Institute achieve its goals. 
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