ClueBot NG

ClueBot NG is an internet bot used on the English that reverts edits to articles that it identifies as vandalism. Programmed and operated by two volunteer editors, it uses machine learning and Bayesian statistics to determine if an edit is vandalism.
The bot was created by Christopher Breneman and Cobi Carter in 2010. It shares very little in relationship to the original ClueBot, except its name and how they interface with . NG stands for Next Generation. Since its inception, it has made over three million edits. The allowable rate of mistakes is called the false positive rate. That rate is hand-set by administrators and is less than half a percent.
Critics have stated that the bot bites new users, by not being able to apply a human brain's knowledge to the edit, and leaving impersonal templates which deter users from contributing in helpful ways. Some have called it "rubbish", and tried to have the bot shut down.
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