Clifford michaels

Clifford Michaels is an American author and entrepreneur, who wrote “Harnessing Heaven,” published in September of 2016.
Early life
Clifford Michaels was born in New York, New York and raised on Long Island. He graduated from Syracuse University in upstate New York where he earned his degree in Finance.
Personal life
After graduating from Syracuse University in 1981, he earned his MBA from University of Pittsburgh in 1982, Clifford Michaels currently resides in Flemington, New Jersey with his wife and two children.
Michaels began his business career in Finance as a Wall Street investment advisor and financial planner New York City, after being diagnosed with kidney cancer he wrote “Harnessing Heaven” published by Highland Group addressing the Seven Principles for Clarifying Your Life’s Purpose. These Seven Principles addressed by Clifford Michaels in the book, help individuals clarify the purpose behind life and spirituality essentially providing a crash course to readers.
Michaels aimed to engage his audience with the enlightenment and spiritual tag, with his debut book “Harnessing Heaven” published in September 2016 with his message to include many components of spirituality and discussed higher consciousness.
Clifford Michaels has contributed articles to periodicals including Huffington Post”, “Money Magazine”, “SmartMoney”, “Wall Street Digest” and has appeared on CNN, CNBC and PBS as well as served as President of The Financial Planning Association of New York.
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