Clayton Schock

Clayton J. Schock (born 1981 in Riverside, California) added his name to the ballot for the 2010 Election for the 20th Congressional District in Florida. Clayton has been a resident of the State of Florida for over 18 years, works in the growing South Florida technology industry after graduating from the ITT Technical Institute School of Technology, a leading private college focused on 21st Century technology needs.
Education and career
After graduating high school, Clayton attended the ITT Technical Institute. In school Clayton found himself drawn to History and later Government. School gave the spark for his dream to run for office. Although Clayton’s interests in government gained him a strong political point of view, he did not go to college for law. A stronger demand for the technical savvy in the business field left the desire for politics behind though not forgotten. In 2002 Clayton joined the new wave of students at ITT.Clayton Schock graduated with his degree in September of 2005.
Political activities
In 2009, Schock joined the Florida Whig Party, a political organization once affiliated with the national Modern Whig Party. On Monday October 19th, 2009 the Florida Whig Party announced two additional candidates for congress. Clayton Schock in Florida's 20th congressional district and John Annarumma in Florida's 3rd congressional district. No minor party has yet had as many as three candidates for U.S. House in any election year in the state of Florida. The Libertarian Party had two in 2004, and the Reform Party had two in 2000. The Green Party has not had any in the last ten years. The most the Constitution Party ever had in any one year was one (one in 2002 and one in 2004). The Socialist Workers Party has not had any.

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