Christopher Foltz

Christopher Foltz (born Christopher Sam Foltz, August 15, 1981) is an American communication strategist and publicist and the founder of the Chicago based strategic communication firm Christopher Foltz & Company. Christopher Foltz & Company represents an influential list of companies, organizations, and high profile individuals in media, entertainment, publishing, politics and philanthropy. Foltz is also an avid public speaker known to draw from personal experience with drug addiction and life changing situations.
Early life
Chris was born in Rockford, Ilinois and lived in the small town of Winnebago until he was 2. Attending Boylan Catholic High School, Foltz got involved in many organizations that he credits to his success now. During his undergraduate studies at Western Illinois University, Chris served as student body comptroller, President of the Delta Chi Fraternity and advisor to the Illinois Board of Higher Education amongst many other campus wide activities. Foltz even had a small stint as basketball manager for WIU. Foltz began his in involvement in the College Republicans the first week of his freshman year.
Coming from a politically active family Foltz got involved in the College Republicans during college. Serving as campus chapter treasurer, Illinois College Republican State Chairman, College Republican National Committee Board Member and National Marketing Director. Foltz interned with then Governor George W. Bush's Presidential campaign starting in 1999 and moved from intern to advanced team responsibilities at the 2000 Republican National Convention. Foltz was influential in Haley Barbour's Gubernatorial campaign as one of the directors of the get out the vote effort that unseated then Governor Ronnie Musgrove. Foltz continued his relationship with the Bush campaign through the 2004 re-elect as well as serving as a strategist and deputy communication director on Emmy award winning CNN anchor Andrea Zinga’s congressional bid. Chris left the Republican Party in 2007 and has served as an advisor and strategist for both non-partisan and democratic campaigns including serving as an official campaign spokesman for the 2011 Chicago Mayoral election. Foltz serves as Chairman of the Community Relations Commission in Chicago's North Shore Village of Deerfield. Foltz also serves on Barack Obama's Gen44 National Finance Committee. In the 2009 consolidated elections, Foltz consulted on his first municipal election cycle, winning all four contested campaigns he participated in.
Addiction and rehab
Foltz often speaks across the nation about his early struggles with drug addiction and the subsequent arrest and incarcerated rehabilitation in 2007. After leaving Republican politics Foltz returned to his home town to live with his mother during her bout with cancer. Chris experimented with Vicodin after dental surgery with ultimately led to and addiction to opiates. After 119 days of incarcerated rehab, Foltz moved into an Oxford House in the Chicago suburbs to start his life over. After getting involved in the drug and alcohol recovery community, Foltz moved to Deerfield, IL to open a new recovery home with the Grand Experiment Charities. During this time he met his first business partner Corinne Meier and started the path that ultimately led to Christopher Foltz & Company in 2010. “If it wasn’t for the Grand Experiment Charities showing me how to take my past and affect other people’s futures in a positive way, I would never be here today.” Foltz stated in a recent interview. ”Of all the amazing opportunities I have had in my life, the people I’ve met, and things that I have learned, I enjoy talking about the road I went down, and the path I ultimately chose to get where I am today.”
Christopher Foltz & Company
Foltz started Christopher Foltz & Company in 2010 with business partner Dominic Turcotte. Originally starting with $140 in a spare bedroom in the Chicago suburbs, the new communication strategy firm grew it’s client roster from one plastic surgeon in 2010 to now representing a an influential list of several hundred by year end 2011. Christopher Foltz & Company brings a fresh, hip, and unique approach to creating the most efficient advertising, marketing, media, and public relations strategies. Foltz and his team has works with Big Ten football legend Darnell Autry, the Premier Basketball League, 2 time NFL All-Pro Kyle Turley, and an influential list of politicians and public officials across the country. Christopher Foltz & Company owns the new minor league basketball team in Chicago. The Chicago Muscle plays professional basketball in the Premier Basketball League.
Often citing volunteer and philanthropic work as a major factor in starting his life over, Foltz has been involved with a who’s who list of public service organizations and projects. Often bringing on non-profits as clients of the firm and no charge, Christopher Foltz & Company is one of the first communication strategy firms in the nation to require philanthropy and charity programs amongst their entire client roster. Foltz started a charity minded entertainment division in early 2011 which brought many notable Chicago media and entertainment personalities (including Chicago morning show leaders Pete McMurray and Jane Monzures)who wanted to get more involved in philanthropy to the firm. Christopher Foltz & Company recently paired the nation's largest group of podiatrist with global shoe donation charity Share Your Soles, Share Your Soles has donated over 1.2 million pairs of shoes with economically disadvantaged regions overseas.
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