China Students abroad

China students abroad
Students of China origin are traveling in higher numbers than ever before to pursue higher education abroad.The Chinese Ministry of Education reports that 523,700 Chinese students went abroad to study in 2015. This represents a new record but also a second consecutive year in which year-over-year growth has fallen short of long-term averages.
The Ministry notes that Chinese student are being drawn back to the country’s attractive job market in greater numbers, with 70-80% of students abroad returning to China in recent years.
Since the start of China’s reforms in 1987, a combined 4 million Chinese students have studied abroad, and 2.2 million of them had returned home by the end of last year, the ministry’s report (link in Chinese), published on Mar. 25, shows. Some 523,700 Chinese students headed abroad to study in 2015, up 14% from the previous year. Meanwhile, 409,100 Chinese overseas students returned home last year.
The outgoing-to-return ratio in a given year is at around 0.7 to 0.8 in the recent years, meaning most Chinese students have returned home after getting a foreign diploma. Returnees are coming home because job market in China is more appealing than overseas.
Student from China to United States of America
At year 2004/05 more than 50k student from China going to USA.Number increases every year and at the year of 2016/17 , the number becomes more than 3 lakh student.
So more than 3 lakh student going from China to USA for further study.
Student from China to United Kingdom
In year 2008/09 , number off student from China going to United kingdom was 28000, which increase every year.It becomes 90000 at the year of 2014/15 year.
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