Charles D.A Ruffolo

General History
Charles D.A Ruffolo is a former Battalion Sergeant Major, Motivational Speaker, Author, Professional Networker and founder of the foundation Giving Back.
Early career of Charles
Charles D.A Ruffolo began his career serving the US military for 20 years as a Battalion Sergeant Major. During his time in the military he earned his Masters in Public Administration and Master in Business Administration. Charles study along with his experiences in the military lead him to create his networking business in the Netherlands which was originally called RIBS Consultancy, however now his business as known as the NetworKing BV. It is stated that Charles business is based on networking and that he created The Network Club 2000, with the goal of bringing business together.
Later history of Charles
Charles is stated to be an internationally known speaker, author, and trainer that has that has been stated to give lectures in many countries, presenting over 150 times each year on networking. In 2004 Charles wrote a book on networking called “Network Your Way to Success”. In 2002, 2004 and 2006 Charles brought the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton to the Netherlands for business. During the visit’s it is stated that Charles brought together the Dutch Postcode Lottery with the Clinton Foundation, an organization that donates money to different sectors of society. Also it is stated that during President Clinton’s visit Charles created a partnership between Emergya Wind Technologies (a Dutch wind and energy company and the Clinton Global Initiative.
In addition, it is stated that Charles brought Richard Branson of Virgin to the Netherlands to meet with an organization called Big Improvement Day to create a business relation.
Later in his career it is stated that Charles brought Stedman Graham, the life partner of Oprah Winfrey to the Netherlands and created the Stedman Graham Scholarship that is given to a student each year of the Giving Back foundation.
In 2010 it is stated that Charles created a course on networking called the NetworKing Academy in the Amsterdam Center of Entrepreneur and Business School Notenboom. This is said to be one of the first networking courses offered at the University level.
In 2011 it is stated that Charles helped create the TV show 24 kitchen, which is a Dutch TV show about food and lifestyle.
In 2014 it is stated that Charles wrote his second book on networking called “Your Wake Up Call”.
History of the Giving Back Foundation
In 1999 it is stated that Charles created the giving back foundation. This foundation is stated to help motivated high school students who are mostly immigrants that come from a difficult background. This organization is a NGO and pairs a mentor with the students through their high school and the University studies.
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