Center for Information and Bubble Studies

The Center for Information and Bubble Studies (CIBS) is an interdisciplinary research center directed by Prof. Vincent F. Hendricks and situated at the University of Copenhagen.
CIBS was established in February 2015 by Prof. Vincent F. Hendricks when The Carlsberg Foundation awarded him a five-year grant of 1.92 million euros.
Research Area
CIBS combines philosophy, economics, logic, social psychology, information theory, behavioural science, and computer science to research on bubble-phenomena, which are usually associated with finance and real estate markets. Generally, a bubble has developed when assets trade at prices far exceeding the estimated fundamental value. The guiding research principle of CIBS is that bubbles arise when beliefs, preferences and actions have been aggregated in an irrational way among deliberating agents in bubble-hospitable environments.
In March 2017, the Danish foundation TrygFonden funded a CIBS-based digital education project called "Digital (Ud)Dannelse - D.U.D.E" with 6.1 million Danish kroner. The project's aim is to enable children and teenagers to get an insight into and ability to act in the digital world, as well as give them the courage to participate in digital communities without the risk of being mocked and demolished.
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