Bridge the Divide

Bridge the Divide is an international political organization founded in June 2016. The organization promotes political tolerance and understanding amongst high school and college students around the world. Primarily an online platform, Bridge the Divide offers a variety of services to its members including live discussions and opinion article publishing.
The organization was founded by Joseph Touma and Clara Nevins in the June 2016. The two met at the Yale Young Global Scholars leadership program that summer. </ref> To date, the organization boasts over
Over 200 countries and 3,600 athletes participated in the inaugural 2010 Youth Summer Olympics. Participants are placed in the following age groups: 14-15 years, 16-17 years, and 17-18 years. The athlete's age is determined by how old he or she is by 31 December of the year they are participating in the YOG.<ref namefactsheet/> Qualification to participate in the Youth Olympics is determined by the IOC in conjunction with the International Sport Federations (ISF) for the various sports on the program.<ref namefactsheet/> To ensure that all nations are represented at the YOG the IOC instituted the concept of Universality Places. A certain number of spots in each event are to be left open for athletes from under-represented nations regardless of qualifying marks. This is to ensure that every nation will be able to send at least four athletes to each Youth Olympic Games.<ref namefactsheet/> For team tournaments one team per continent will be allowed to compete along with a sixth team either representing the host nation or as proposed by the IF with IOC approval. There is a cap of two teams (one boys' and one girls') per nation.<ref namefactsheet/> Finally, no nation may enter more than 70 athletes in individual sports.<ref name=factsheet/>
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