Bev Bighead

Beverly "Bev" Bighead is a fictional character on the television show Rocko's Modern Life and the comic of the same name.
Joe Murray, the creator of Rocko's Modern Life, said that he based the Bigheads on a group of neighbors who lived next door to Murray during his childhood. Murray described the neighbors as "grumpy and pissed about everything."
Bev is Ed Bighead's wife. Nickelodeon South East Asia's website describes her as "unique" and that "There's nobody else like her."
Bev "wears the pants" in the family; she demonstrates a loud, domineering manner and she keeps Ed in line. Despite all these, though, she has shown that she loves her husband very much. Beneath her ugly exterior and grating voice, she is friendly, and a closet party animal (even going so far as to spy on her neighbors when Heffer threw a nudist party in Rocko's backyard). Bev likes Rocko and his friends and invited Rocko to her house on some occasions.<ref name="SEAsiaDesc"/> In the "Leap Frogs" episode, she tries and fails to seduce Rocko, but by the episode's end, Rocko is somewhat responsible for rekindling the romance in the Bigheads' relationship.
Bev is also an incredibly compassionate toad, having taken Earl the vicious dog in when she forces him into a submissive posture for digging out their yard, she falls in love with him and likewise, which is strange for Earl. Earl and Ed then vie against one another for Bev's attention and approval, which Ed ultimately loses due to his underhandedness. Unfortunately Earl is gone in subsequent episodes and his adoption is for the most part retconned through the rest of the series.
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