is a web site that hosts a popular database of quotations. While the site's official name is QDB, or Quote Database, it is usually referred to by its domain name (, or simply as "bash". The site collects, stores and presents humorous quotes garnered mostly from Internet Relay Chat, though some entries from instant messaging and spoken quotations also appear in the database. After being approved, these entries can be voted on and displayed according to different sorting methods.

The topic of the database's quotes is largely "nerd humor", and the comedy value of the database is enhanced if the reader is computer literate. There are several references to mathematics and science subjects as well.

Site details
Quotes are submitted to through a web form, where they are then put into a moderation queue. After being reviewed by a moderator, quotes are either accepted or removed from the queue by the moderator. The latter is often referred to as killing the quote. Criteria for acceptance are stated to be funniness, reasonable length and proper formatting, such as the removal of timestamps unless required for context. Each quote is assigned a unique identifier and, once approved, can be displayed in a number of ways. The latest fifty approved quotes are shown on a page, but users can also view quotes randomly or sorted by score. There is also a "browse" option which enables users to go through every quote in the database, and a search page.

An approved quote is also subject to user approval. uses a simple voting system in which users select a plus for a positive vote or a minus for negative vote. Quotes that are recycled, highly racist or offensive, or simply not funny often find themselves with low or even negative ratings. has also hosted other community-based activities, such as two Counter-Strike game servers, a Trade Wars server, streaming radio, video on demand services, and a messy desk contest. These activities are targeted towards the site's large computer-savvy gaming demographic.

Before ""
The original implementation of the QDB was quickly trolled with useless quotes and spam, so a moderation system was developed to prevent abuse. The project was handed over to the users Guilty, Madog and Amanda on August 1, 2002. Shortly thereafter Madog was removed from the project and users Blaxthos and Guilty assumed control. The project was officially moved to , and the site's popularity continued to increase. Another fork of the original QDB can be found at .

Growing pains
On September 15, 2003, the managers posted a request for donation of hardware, including RAM and a new processor for a second server. Several benefactors donated the necessary hardware, with the Webrax company providing hosting.

Meanwhile, tension grew between's moderators and management, mostly due to requests for changes in the site's code not being addressed in a timely manner. Several of the moderators went on strike during July 2004. The striking moderators posted an open letter of complaint to the management of In response,'s management terminated relations with the striking moderators.
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