Barry Charles Honig

Barry Honig is an American businessman who specializes in corporate finance and structuring.
Early career
Barry Charles Honig (born 1971) received his undergraduate degree in Finance from George Washington University. Honig began working at Ramius Capital in 1998 trading in distressed equities, arbitrage, long/short and other specialized trading strategies. In 2001, he left Ramius Capital to co-found Marlin Capital Partners, LLC, a private investment company. Since 2003, Honig began serving as a consultant to many emerging companies from startups to IPOs/APOs. In 2004, he founded Boca-Raton based GRC Consultants Inc., where he serves as President of the company. He currently resides in Boca Raton, FL, with his wife Renee Honig.
Business Ventures
Since its foundation in June 2007, Barry Honig served as Co-Chairman of New York-based InterCLICK (NASDAQ:ICLK), an audience intelligence and targeting company that uses data to determine marketing strategies. Along with Co-Chairman Michael Brauser, Honig helped grow the company’s annual revenues from $3 million to over $125 million. InterCLICK eventually traded as a $150 million NASDAQ company. Soon thereafter, on November 1, 2011, acquired InterCLICK outright in a deal valued at roughly $270 million.
Pershing Gold Corporation
On September 29, 2010, Barry Honig was appointed Director of Pershing Gold Corporation (OTCBB:PGLC). Previously known as Sagebrush Gold Ltd., Pershing Gold is “a newly formed gold exploration and development company uniquely positioned to create shareholder value by capitalizing upon the record-high gold price, a near-term opportunity to put the Relief Canyon Mine back into production, opportunities to acquire exciting gold exploration properties with exceptional gold discovery opportunities in an under-explored part of Nevada - Pershing County.” With Honig as Director, the company has operated out of its Relief Canyon Gold Mine in North-Central Nevada. The mine is the company’s largest gold producer, with a historic production of over 110,000 ounces. In March 2012, the company announced it would acquire 9,700 acres of additional mining claims within Pershing County, Nevada.
Notable Investments
Barry Honig invests in many small and large businesses, several of which he has served or continues to serve on the board for.
In April 2011, Honig reported an individual 5.9 percent stake in Dara BioSciences Inc. (NASDAQ:DARA), following the 8.3 percent stake his firm GRQ Consultants took in November 2010.
In September 2011, Honig disclosed in an SEC filing that his investment firm Marlin Capital owned 248,771 shares, or 5.5 percent, of the stock of BroadVision (NASDAQ:BVSN). His firm bought shares at $8.50 per share, and within six months the stock traded above $56 per share.
In December 2011, Honig owned over six million shares of ChromaDex (OTCBB:CDXC), a natural products company operating in the dietary supplement, food & beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries, prior to a large rally in the shares. The stake later increased to approximately seven million shares.
Current Positions
Barry Honig currently maintains the following positions: Co-Chairman at ChromaDex, Director at Pershing Gold, Co-Chairman at InterCLICK, and President at GRQ Consultants. Honig serves on the Board of Directors at ChromaDex <ref name="marketwatch1"/> and Pershing Gold.<ref name="Pershing Gold: Overview"/>
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