B-Goth and Steamfunk

B-Goth and Steamfunk are fashion and style concepts that blend elements of Gothic and steampunk with hip-hop, B-boy and urban conventions. This unorthodox blending of elements was first envisioned in 2012 by designer Evan "Bat Wing" Exempt as the premise for the Gothic B-boy apparel line, as well as a number of like-named historical mythology projects, all of which are conducted under the management of Exempt's Gothic B-boy, LLC, est. 2012. These ideological and stylistic infusions have birthed splinter groups within Gothic, Steampunk, and street athlete sub-cultures. Though it is too soon to gauge the extent of long-term influence that these infusions might have on any of the aforementioned groups.
B-Goth and Steamfunk are rooted in neo-Victorian fashion, but employ elements of hip-hop and B-boy style, particularly in the fitting of pants, the styling of hats, and the selection of footwear; e.g. baggy-fitting knicker-breeches, or jodhpurs, the traditional top-hat replaced by a Y2K-era Kangol or bucket hat, and Adidas Gazelle or suede Puma sneakers (typically worn with decorative knee-length socks) in favor of traditional shoes and boots. Various Gothic and Victorian motifs and accessory items can be seen in the B-Goth and Steamfunk style idioms, including cravats, dramatic eyeliner, and ornate cane-swords.
B-Goth and Steamfunk sub-culturists may embrace a number of dance arts and competitive sports including but not limited to: breakdancing/B-boying, parkour, roller derby, jam skating, aggressive inline, skateboarding, bike polo, and swing dancing. The arts of mime, modern dance, traditional dance, and magic are also prevalent among B-Goth and Steamfunk sub-culturists, as well as the card game bridge.
B-Goth and Steamfunk music has no definitive boundaries, but may include a wide variety of sounds ranging from dark cabaret to hip-hop to jazz to industrial to film-score to post-rock to various forms of dark electronica ranging from tech-step/neurofunk, dubstep, acid-crunk, glitch-hop, techfunk, ambient, and more.
B-Goth and Steamfunk were initially envisioned as men's fashion concepts, but the genre remains open to female and gender-neutral interpretations.
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