Audi Allroad Quattro Concept

The Audi allroad quattro concept is a concept car produced by Audi. It débuted at the 2005 North American International Auto Show. Its body is similar to the contemporary A6 Avant.
Audi's official press literature does not use capital letters for the allroad quattro concept.

New Engine
The allroad concept was the first (and only) Audi vehicle shown in North America to have an eight-cylinder engine. (The flagship Audi A8 sedan is offered elsewhere with a 4.2 litre Turbocharged Direct Injection V8 engine). The engine features common rail technology and piezoelectric inline injectors. The vehicle's drivetrain exceeds European EU4 emission standards.

New Technologies
The allroad quattro concept showcases several of Volkswagen Group's new technologies, including Audi road vision, Audi lane assist, and Audi side assist. Road vision, for example, uses electromagnetic energy from the light-emitting diode headlights to detect the nature of the road. The road reflects the energy toward sensors behind the windshield. After processing, the results are presented to the driver, as well as adaptations in some of the car's other systems (such as the braking system).

In Audi lane assist, the steering wheel vibrates when the car is in the process of exiting a lane when moving at a high velocity. The purpose is to alert a driver who is unintentionally exiting a lane because of lack of attention or fatigue. Lane assist is deactivated automatically at speeds below , on narrow or winding roads, when passing a construction site, and on roads without lane markings. It can also be deactivated manually.
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