Attack of the Fanboy

Attack of the Fanboy is a North American based online magazine which provides news and reviews of video games and related content.
Attack of the Fanboy was founded in March 2010 by Modern Media Group. It was created to provide an independent perspective on reviews and news for the video gaming world.
Attack of the Fanboy provides daily news articles, video game reviews, guides, developer interviews, original opinated content, let's play videos and other gaming related content. The homepage of the site covers a wide range of gaming topics for multiple platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, VR and handhelds. The site's other platforms include their YouTube channel which features Let's Play Videos, Guides, and Video Reviews
As of July 2016, Attack of the Fanboy was one of the largest independent online sources for video game news, with about 10 million page impressions and 2,000,000 unique visits per month.
Video Game Reviews
Attack of the Fanboy is included in video game review aggregators: Metacritic, Gamerankings, and Open Critic.
Scoring systems
Original scale
The original idea for review scores on Attack of the Fanboy was to do away with numerical ratings and instead score games with an emotional score of "Loved, Liked, Meh, Disliked, and Hated. The score was arrived at by judging all aspects of it, including traditional metrics like graphics, gameplay, fun-factor, performance, and others.
Current Scale
Attack of the Fanboy currently employs a dual-scale for reviews, where critics on the site score the game with both a objective numerical score on a five star scale and a subjective emotional score. Games can also be given a review score of "in-progress."
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