Area 51 in popular culture

This article presents the influence of Area 51 on popular culture.

Television series
The Groom Lake base is featured in episodes of the following television series:

* '
* CatDog: The Great Parent Mystery where there is a "Rest Area 51". An alien ship later lands there.
* Codename: Kids Next Door where there is an operative known as Numbuh 51
* CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
* Dark Skies
* Eureka
* Family Guy
* Futurama
* Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius as Area 86
* Johnny Test as Area 51.1
* Kim Possible
* Little Britain as Area 52
* Megas XLR as Area 50
* NewsRadio as Area 52
* Seven Days as Never Never Land
* The Simpsons as Area 51A
* Sonic X as Area 99
* South Park
* Stargate Atlantis
* Stargate SG-1
* Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
* Taken
* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
* Tracker
* Unexplained Mysteries
* The X-Files

The base is featured in the following movies:

* Dreamland
* Groom Lake
* Independence Day
* Looney Tunes: Back in Action as Area 52
* Stargate
* Starman
* Zoom as Area 52

In 2004, ahead of the Area 51 video game's release, Paramount Pictures announced that they had acquired film rights for the game. In March 2007, counter-cultural comic book author Grant Morrison was hired to adapt the game as a screenplay.

Area 51 is featured in several novels by Dale Brown involving General Patrick McLanahan and his top secret Air Force technology, used by the "Tin Man" commandos. It is the centerpiece of Robert Doherty's Area 51 novels, which take place after Area 51 scientists make contact with extraterrestrials. Apparent alien technology is stored at "Zone 91" in "Animorphs #14 - The Unknown" by K.A. Applegate. Area 52 is a four-part comic book series from Image Comics.

Computer and video games

The base appears in the following computer or video games:

* Alien Hominid
* '
* Area 51
* Banjo-Tooie
* BlackSite: Area 51 a follow-up to Area 51 coming out in 2007
* Dark Colony
* ' as Area 42
* Deus Ex
* Duke Nukem 3D
* Fallout 2 as Military Base
* Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as Area 69 near Las Venturas
* Interstate '82 as Area 49
* Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga as Area 64
* Microsoft Flight Simulator X
* The Pandora Directive
* Perfect Dark as Area 51 and Area 52
* Redneck Rampage as Area 69
* Rogue Trip
* Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 as Broom Lake
* S.C.A.R.S.
* SimCity 4 as Area 5.1
* The Simpsons Road Rage as Area 51A
* The PSP version of The Sims 2 as Division 47, an area of Strangetown
* Tomb Raider III
* Tony Hawk's Pro Skater but named Roswell, New Mexico
* Twisted Metal 3
* UFO: Aftermath
* Vigilante 8 - Dreamland
* World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion pack, there is a neutral city in the Outland called Area 52.

The progressive metal band Tool has two songs, "Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)" and "Rosetta Stoned", on their 2006 release 10,000 Days album, that tells a story involving Area 51; a song called "Faaip De Oiad", on the Lateralus album, is based on a phone call by an alleged Area 51 employee to the radio show Coast to Coast with Art Bell. Guitar player Yngwie Malmsteen, on his album Alchemy has a song called "Hangar 18, Area 51". The Pixies song "The Happening" concerns Area 51, and the artwork for the album on which it appears (Bossanova) includes an Area 51 logo design.

Role-playing games
Area 51 has been used in several role-playing games as a plot element. In the game Conspiracy X, it is a safe facility and base of operations for the players' counter-extraterrestrial operations. On the flip side, in the Call of Cthulhu modern day conspiracy supplement Delta Green, the base is the site of laboratory facilities for studying and intercepting otherworldly beings. The alternate history roleplaying game Deadlands also features an 1880s version of the location called "Fort 51".

In 1994, Version 2.0 of the ROM for the Apple Newton personal digital assistant included the latitude and longitude coordinates of Area 51 in the time zones application as an "Easter egg". This feature was removed (supposedly at the request of the CIA) by applying a software patch, but it remained possible to bypass the patch fairly easily.

The world's largest model railway in Hamburg, Germany features a fictional Area 51 model in its America section (showing aliens playing basketball with base personnel).

The tiny town of Rachel, Nevada (the nearest settlement to the base) enjoys minor celebrity status as being "the official home of Area 51". Located three hours from Las Vegas by car, Rachel receives a modest number of visitors year-round, and several small businesses offer food and lodging, as well as aerospace and "alien-themed" merchandising. Many of the tourists are aviation enthusiasts hoping to catch a glimpse of the RED FLAG exercises. A small museum sells maps, photographs, badges and other Area 51 material. A local inn, aptly named "The Little A'le'Inn" proudly displays a time capsule received from the production crew of Independence Day.

The minor league baseball team in Las Vegas, Nevada is called the Las Vegas 51s. Their logo includes the image of a "Grey" extraterrestrial.
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