America West Airlines Flight 564

America West Airlines Flight 564 eas a routine flight from Tampa, Florida to Las Vegas, Nevadabut while flying the crew of the airplane saw a mysterious moving object many times bigger than their aircraft. The mysterious object was actually tracked on radar but dissappeared moments later.
On May/25/1995 a America West Airlines Boeing 757 was flying routinely from Tampa, Florida to Las Vegas Nevada. The trip was routine for the America West Crew. But the trip was about to turn out of routine. Captain Eugene Tollefson and First Officer John Waller were at the cockpit at the time this incident occured. The weather forecast that day showed thunderstorms in the western parts of the United States The crew were flying northwest so this was a problem for them. At 10:25 while piloting their aircraft the crew noticed a mysterious Cigar shaped light illuminating object flying around their aircraft at astounding speeds and distance around them. The crew then notified air traffic control and told them that the mysterious object was flying around their aircraft and was about some 400 feet long. After a few moments the air traffic controller guiding the plane contacted Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico. They were able to track the object on radar and they sent a military jet aircraft was sent to pursue the strange object for a while to pursue the object to see what happens next. The military aircraft pursue the object only then for it to disappear. The UFO was reported by both Aircraft to be becoming dangerously close to them. The crew contacted Air Traffic Control again telling them the aircraft description and their current situation. The air traffic controller grew concerned and contacted NORAD in Tacoma, Washington. They track the object and then it disappears.The aircraft made a safe landing at it's scheduled destination.
A investigation was launched, it anlyzed black box recordings and it interviewed the crew. Investigators in the case then published a offical report concluding this event did take place and that the America West Airlines crew was very well experienced. Records concluded that they had years of experience and thousands of hours in flight. The offical report didn't put any questionabillity on the flight crew.

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