Ambassadorial Brothers

The Ambassadorial Brothers were Ambassadors from Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia, all ethnic Somalis, the group consisted of Mohamed Sheikh Hassan, Adan Sheikh Hassan and Ismail Sheikh Hassan. all from the same prominent family who were one of the most interesting in the Horn of Africa.
Three ambassadorial brothers. The first time in history 3 Somali brothers managed to become ambassadors in 3 different neighboring countries. They were Ambassadors of Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia in the 1980's and 1990's all hailing from the same father Sheikh Hassan Nuriye. He has sired three sons who represented three African countries at ambassadorial level. He and thus his sons belonged to the Rer Ughaz (Reer Ugaas), Makahiildheere (Makahildere), subsection of the Makahiil (Makahil) branch of the Gadabursi (Gadabuursi).
In 1987 Ismail Sheikh Hassan was chosen as the new Ethiopian Ambassador to Libya. While Ismail was the Ethiopian Ambassador to Libya, his brother Mohamed Sheikh Hassan was already the ambassador for Somalia to Canada and was about to take a new post as the Ambassador for Somalia to Nigeria. The remaining Aden Sheikh Hassan was also already serving as the the Djiboutian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Oman for several years.
* Mohamed Sheikh Hassan - Ambassador for Somalia to Canada and Nigeria
* Ismail Sheikh Hassan - Ambassador for Ethiopia to Libya
* Aden Sheikh Hassan - Ambassador for Djibouti to Oman and Saudi Arabia
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