Ally Magazine

Ally magazine is an American Gay magazine published by the Amos Palm Publications. Ally is a monthly on-line periodical that focuses on gay men and women’s lifestyle. It also features articles on people, television, movies, books, health, politics, food and fashion. Ally’s editorial direction is inspired by the constant changes in American culture and the relation it has on gay lifestyle. Ally is put together by high school and college students, and is published twelve times a year.

History and organization

Ally was founded by Damon Amos and Jeffery Palm in 1998 under the name Queer magazine.

During its initial launch in 1998, it was a great success. It was also lauded for its vision and originality. In its first 2 years, the magazine won 2 national gay and lesbian awards for advocate leadership and one for editorial creativity. Early issues of Ally were directed toward a younger audience and offered recourses for recently out of the closet men.

Over time the publication diverged and broadened the editorial content to both men and women between the ages of 19-54. In 2000, Ally was considered a leading voice in gay and lesbian journalism. Another change Ally underwent in 2000 was the transition of management group name from DA Media Group of America to Amos Palm Publications. By the end of 2000 the publication had drawn over 750,000 readers from around the nation. In 2001, marketing on the website was offered free to organizations and businesses who offered resources that helped the community. This included anti-smoking, drugs, domestic violence and child abuse. Over the year, organizations looked to Ally for help in raising awareness of AIDS in the gay community.

Today, Ally continues to offer its publication free to the public and is still made up of distinguished high school and college students. Ally has assembled agenda setting issues for 2008 and still considers itself a leading voice in gay and lesbian journalism.

*Editor in Chief: Angela Nunes
*Executive Editor: Matthew Mudowski
*Managing Editor: Jason Gagnon
*Senior Editor: Kendal Nite
*Photo Editor: Becky James
*Editorial Assistant: Daniel Goldstein
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