Allison Allain

Allison Allain (born October 27, 1983) is an American musician and Game Developer
Born in Kansas City, KS, Allison Allain began the life of a musician at an early age. She started piano lessons at 5 years old, cello at 10 and bass guitar at 13. In High School, cello became Allison's main instrument and she participated in both All-State Solo-Ensamble festival and the All-State Symphony, and eventually went on to study cello in college. Though she did not major in 'cello, Allison was still very active in the schools musical groups and formed the college's Principal Quartet, which played at private functions and events.
Allison knew from early into college that she wanted to major in Computer Science and eventually become a game developer. She studied hard and did well in school, and was accepted into graduate school at the University of Bradford early into her senior year of college. Allison completed an MSc by Research in Artificial Neural Networks and graduated with Distinction, under Prof. Peter Cowling,
Software Development
Published Titles
Allison Allain has worked on several major iPhone development projects:
* Bananagrams
* imapMyRide
* iMapMyRide+
* iMapMyHike
* iMapMyHike+
* iMapMyRun+
* iMapMyWalk
* iMapMyFitness+
* TotalFit
* EpicMix
* Old Navy SnapAppy
* Ultimate Battle Zombies
Volunteer Work
Allison is currently endeavoring to work as a mentor for the Fab Fems orgnaization.
Work as a Cellist
Allison works as a cellist in the Denver, CO area both as a classical and progressive rock musician.
* Enjoy the Parade - Choke the Word
Awards and Nominations
* Westword Music Showcase - Best Goth Band

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