AGP 3 Trailer

The AGP 3 is a luggage trailer wagon and was built by the Swiss manufacturer Gebrüder Moser + Cie and Ramseier & Jenzer + Cie, both in Bern, for the Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe (ZVB).

History and Development
Construction of the first car started in 1955. The structure was built by Ramseier & Jenzer + Cie. In 1963 the ZVB had three AGP 3. AGP 3 stands for Anhänger Gepäck Nutzlast 3 Tonnen ( trailer luggage payload 3 tons).
In the Zugerland transport companies ZVB (German: Zugerland Verkehrsbetrieben), the AGP 3 were mainly used on the mountain lines Zug-Ägeri (line 1) and Zug-Menzingen (line 2) with Saurer 5 DUK buses.
The trailers were either pulled directly from the Saurer buses or hanged to the person trailers APE 4.80, which were pulled by the Saurer 5 DUK or later by FBW buses (manufacturer designation FBW 91U EU4A). All AGP 3 have a trailer coupling, which can be used to mount a single-axle or two-axle luggage trailer. The configuration with two luggage trailers was however rarely and only possible, if the bus did not pull a person trailer APE 4.80. The ZVB was not allowed to tow more than two trailers with their buses. AGP 3 number73) of the ZVB is located in the Zug depot technology history (German : Zuger Depot Technikgeschichte).
Technical specifications
* Overall length 6'000 mm
* Vehicle width 2'100 mm
* Height 2'750 mm
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